20 eHealth Startups in de derde fase van FICHe

Px Healthcare (Netherlands), patient experience optimizing oncology outcomes;
Panatomy (Germany), online smart imaging database;
NeticTECH (Poland), medVC, remote video/audio consultation tool;
Medbravo (Spain), finding treatment options based on clinical trial for cancer patients;
Clinical Graphics (Netherlands), cloud based service for detection of osteoarthritis;
Andiamo (United Kingdom), 3D body scans collaboration cloud platform;
Psico Smart Apps (Spain), virtual environments for the treatment of anxiety disorders;
Scyfer (Netherlands), deep learning platform to detect degenerative brain disease in 3D-MRI;
Betawerk (Netherlands), IncoSense Smart, smart care service that measures incontinence;
Tripmedic (Malta), multi-sided platform to match-make international patients to doctors;
Mind Myths (Ireland); online mindfulness platform;
OurPath (United Kingdom), 12-week online lifestyle program to prevent T2D;
Oviva (Switzerland), remote personal dietitian platform;
PLUX (Portugal), biofeedback modules for Ara platform;
Inbiolab (Netherlands). hARMONIC, miniaturized respiratory monitor based on EMG;
Ideable Solutions (Spain), Kwido, multi-device platform for the care of people;
NeuroAtHome (Spain), gamified software platform to deliver physical and cognitive therapy;
HealthApp (Spain), mobile application for the treatment of eating disorders;
Umanick (Spain), biometric platform for patient identification with HIS/EMR integration;
MySphera (Spain), tools to offer full transparency of healthcare processes in hospitals.

website: Sbddesign.nl