For Partners in Health Care

The zorgInc. Foundation is committed to the up-scaling of Digital Health Care in the Netherlands. For example, we organize activities to bring Digital Health startups and stakeholders closer together. This includes events, seminars, and workshops. We often organize these together with partners. Therefore, our important network consists of health care providers, health care insurance companies, governments/municipalities, patient organizations, industries, incubators, investors, financiers, education, etc.

Additionally, we work on several health care projects for clients, and we are active in (international) collaborations. Projects include organizing of a Digital Health challenge and setting up an incubator, testbeds, or a living lab. The European eHealth accelerator FICHe is a good example of a strategic collaboration.

An important zorgInc. advantage is that we bridge the gap between the different worlds of entrepreneurs, governments/municipalities, health care sector, health care insurance companies, industries, investors, and financiers. It makes zorgInc. an ideal builder of bridges in the domain of Digital Health Care & Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we incorporate a lot of relevant knowledge, experiences, and networks. From this perspective, zorgInc. proactively establishes collaborations and partnerships.

Would you like to meet us and figure out what we can do for each other? Then please do not hesitate to call or email us.

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