For Digital Health Entrepreneurs

The number of successful scaled-up Digital Health startups in the Netherlands is much too low. In practice, knowledge, experiences, and networks enabling growth and up-scaling, have proven not to be shared sufficiently. Our vision is that promising Digital Health startups should not loose valuable time looking for the right knowledge, experiences, and networks.

Are you a Digital Health entrepreneur and do you want to make a healthy scale-up of your startup? We offer support with knowledge, experiences, and networks, and help you through this phase, which has many obstacles. You can come to us for, amongst others:

  • Support of entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs
  • Expert coaching in the area of:
    – Digital Health
    – Entrepreneurship
    – Up-scaling
  • A healthy and sustainable business model
  • Combining and/or bridging the gap between government, health care sector, health care insurance companies, industries, investors, and financiers
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Funding
  • Setting up testbeds
  • Validation and market fit
  • Set up of organization and team
  • Sales and Marketing
  • International bridging role

In order to be able to offer your startup the right support, you must already have some funding. In absence of this, the zorgInc. Foundation will consider, in specific cases and with proven traction, to off-set this via participation and/or to look for solutions together (such as venture capital, crowdfunding, subsidies, etc.).

website: Sbddesign.nl