For Startups and Scaleups in Digital Health

We believe that entrepreneurship in Digital Health contributes to affordable and accessible high-quality care. Therefore, zorgInc. activities focus on the up-scaling of startups through sharing knowledge, experiences, and networks, and building bridges within the domain of Digital Health & Entrepreneurship.

What does zorgInc. do?

We support Digital Health entrepreneurs in successfully up-scaling their activities. With us, they find the best climate to accelerate their startup and growth into a scale-up or mature company. In this way, we help for example with arranging partners for validation, up-scaling of sales and marketing, contacts with health care insurance companies and investors and international expansion. Furthermore, we continuously challenge entrepreneurs on topics such as business model, market potential, organization, team and personal development.

What does zorgInc. want to achieve?

Startups are always looking for a scalable business model. Scalability is the startups’ ability to grow without compromising performances or revenues. When the business model is validated and all of the startup challenges have been solved, then the startup is ready to grow exponentially. This is when we call it a scale-up. However, only a small percentage of startups are successful. Most do not reach the finish. Our goal is to ensure the successful scale-ups of many more Digital Health startups.


We connect Entrepreneurs and Partners in Digital Health

For Digital Health Entrepreneurs

The number of successful scaled-up Digital Health startups in the Netherlands is much too low. In practice, knowledge, experiences, and networks enabling growth and up-scaling, have proven not to be shared sufficiently. Our vision is that promising Digital Health startups should not loose valuable time looking for the right knowledge, experiences, and networks.

For Partners in Health Care

The zorgInc. Foundation is committed to the up-scaling of Digital Health Care in the Netherlands. For example, we organize activities to bring Digital Health startups and stakeholders closer together. This includes events, seminars, and workshops. We often organize these together with partners. Therefore, our important network consists of health care providers, health care insurance companies, governments/municipalities, patient organizations, industries, incubators, investors, financiers, education, etc.

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